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AirPods with the Next iPhone is what customers are looking for?

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The wireless jargon is no longer a jargon but a reality. With the advent of iPhone 7, the headphone jack which was almost an integral part was mercilessly abandoned. Even though Apple has so many reasons to put forward a simple user certainly prefer to have one.

But it’s also clear that the iPhone 7 is a transitional step to that vision of the future, not a complete expression of it. Possibly we can expect Siri-imbued earbuds in the future.

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However, since the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple has babied those of us not ready commit to the wireless audio way of life by including

The Lightning adapter – based white earbuds and a Lightning-to-3.5 mm jack dongle in the box with new iPhones show Apple’s view. Hopefully that is not a permanent and in future we can see the Airpod coming back.  Already Apple met ire from the customers in this act.

With that in mind, finally ditching the headphone jack dongle makes sense. We’ve had two years of transition time, and those who have a pair of wired headphones they truly love could purchase an adapter locally. It should swap out those wired EarPods in favor of an included pair of AirPods. Apple should include the Lightning airpod as standard supply.Whereas  AirPods costs around $159 a pop the Lightning-connected is five time cheaper at EarPods $29.  But as a practice Apple is going to mark-up that price at least 4 times if they plan to include the same in the Phone box.

Even if Apple included AirPods with the new iPhone at no additional cost, Apple would stand to gain more from this change in the long run than it would lose in profits.

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