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Apple soon to come out with phone-to-phone augmented reality tool

Now two iPhone users can share AR (augmented reality) with limited transfer of the personal data.

As used in the games Pokémon Go, AR (Augmented reality) allows viewers to see virtual structures superimposed on their surroundings via their smartphones or other devices. This is going to be a head on collision between Apple and Google.

Allowing users to see the same virtual object in the same space via their individual devices is the basis.  But this technique can be a privacy intrusion compromising the date of home and personal spaces. But unlike Google, Apple modified the AR making the scanning of a player’s environment to be sent to, and stored in, the cloud.

AR has become a major focus at Apple and besides others. Whereas Google needs special sensor for this facility, Apple can do without in their conventional phones.

Since the race too to a severe competition, Google came out with Cloud Anchors. In this system the first player to scan his or her environment and then upload the raw mapping data to Google’s servers, where it is translated into a rough representation of the area. And the subsequent players perform a scan that sends more limited information to the same server, which matches the phones up and lets them each see the same virtual object on the same physical space.

Apple’s system on the other hand avoids storing any raw mapping scans of a user’s surroundings in the cloud. Incidentally Google may discard raw mapping data after some day

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