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Phones scan the veins beneath your face- boon or bane?

Apple Technology Updates

Apple Technology Updates – Mobile Updates News

Apple Technology Updates

Apple has sought patents in 2015 for a technology that can scan under your skin and veins. The Madam Curie’s X Ray is in a new avatar? Apple might be readying the next evolution of its Face ID technology, which debuted in 2017 for its iPhone 10 flagship. That means that besides the face recognition, a new biometric scanner is on the anvil.

Technically a pulsed radiation sensor is deployed to go deeper down the skin

apple technology updates

In fact Apple is not the first with this technology as Google and Samsung have already done it with vein- based biometrics. Two years before Apple initiate the patent application, Google introduced Google Glass capable of reading “eye vein images both individually and in combination.” And Samsung went one step ahead by applying for smartwatches that can detect veins patent. However Apple’s patent is unique because the technology can be combined with Face ID, which could deliver optimum facial recognition accuracy on its future iPhones.

Applying for a patent does not necessarily mean that the same will be incorporated in a company’s product at all. That means Apple ends up not using vein-based facial recognition at all.

Companies most often use patents as pre-emptive measures: to prevent others from copying their ideas, even if they don’t actualize those ideas themselves. The vein-based facial recognition sounds fairly like something Apple would do at some point, especially since it seems there’s no going back with Face ID.

mobile updates news

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