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At last Alexa is too coming for your Laptop

After Virtual assistants Siri (Apple), Pixel book (Google) and Cortana Microsoft Window 10, Alexa is joining the fray of living in your laptop. Thus is besides mirroring of YouTube and WhatsApp into the computer.

It is only logical that Amazon’s Alexa thought to be in the fray and Alexa is now available on some Windows 10 PCs. Also Acer’s new Spin 3 and Spin 5 lines both come with Alexa pre-installed. Alexa integration will be available in all laptops shortly.  Through a firmware update older Acer devices will also gain Alexa compatibility. Soon HP also will come out with an all-in-one PC with Alexa built in.

Alexa will complete the loop of integration in the daily chores especially in Alexa for Business, Amazon’s enterprise-focused Alexa variant.  Alexa on their personal laptops could trickle more formally into the office environment.  Alexa is being built into headphones, wearables, cars, and even home security systems. Now they are with assistants with this integration. =Cortana and Alexa are planning to collaborate. But Alexa is likely to encroach on Cortana’s activities.

Alexa’s third-party integrations can help to access to

  • Calendar,
  • To-do list information,
  • Programs,
  • Files,
  • Slack or
  • Google Docs.

However Alexa on a PC fails to add value to Alexa on a smart speaker—and unlike a smart speaker, a laptop’s mic is only designed to pick up audio from nearby.

Alexa could perhaps prove a valuable pawn in Windows’ continued battle with macros for desktop market share as it is being built into Windows PCs could lure smart-assistant fans away from Apple.

Alexa’s integration into smartphones is another feature worth watching.

Whether Alexa integration proves to be a compelling selling point for PC makers, it’s clear that with its brand power and broad user base, hardware makers—and perhaps even Microsoft itself—hope it will be.

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