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Dual speakers, display notch from Google Pixel 3?

Officially Google is planning to come out with Pixel 3 and Pixel Xl mobile phones in the near future. And unofficially Pixel 3 XL will have an iPhone X-style notch on its display. This is inferred from the leaked screen protector’s pictures. These are the additional information available for the successors of the not so popular Pixel series mobile phones from Google.

  • The device will still have bezels, but they are noticeably thinner than what is on the Pixel 2.
  • The bottom bezel of the Pixel 3 also appears to have a cut out for a front-facing speaker.
  • The dual front-facing stereo speakers are going to make a comeback with the new handset.
  • Pixel 3 seems to have rounded corners for its display.
  • This is very different to the (Pixel 2 had sharp corners).
  • The Pixel 3 will have a tall display,
  • The device will have an 18:9 aspect ratio. (Pixel 2 has the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio display).

The device will also have a narrower notch compared to iPhone X-style notch which will be on top of its display and a slim bottom bezel. The notch seems to be taller/longer. The cut out suggests that the device will have dual front-facing stereo speakers.

Google might be implementing dualfront-facing cameras on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL or it is adding a new front-facing sensor of some kind.

As this leak is based on the Screen protector it cans typicallya hit-or-miss in the final product. However, Google did include native notch support on Android P, which is a solid clue that at least one of its new phones this year will come with a notch on its display.

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