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Galaxy Note 7 is going back on sale .

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 is going back on sale in Europe starting on October 28.

After month-long delays, the Galaxy Note 7 will hit the UK in around four weeks’ time. The ill-fated handset, which was subject to a global recall at the beginning of September, has finally been re-approved for sale, pending the “full completion of the exchange program”.

Samsung halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7 on September 2, after an internal investigation uncovered a serious battery flaw that was causing some users’ handsets to spontaneously catch fire. Since then, Samsung has been hard at work prompting users to bring their phones in-store for replacement, which appears to be paying off.

According to Samsung, 57% of Note 7 smartphones in Europe have been exchanged in the first week since the program began (back on September 19). Based on those numbers, Samsung is expecting to complete the recall in early October, after which point it plans to continue selling the phones across the UK and Europe.

David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung in Europe, said: “Our message of safety first is getting through to Galaxy Note 7 owners who are doing the right thing be exchanging for a new device quickly and safely. We have worked hard to bring replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones to Europe so we can ensure the safety of our customers and minimise their inconvenience.”

If you own a Galaxy Note 7, you should have already received a notification warning you that you need to exchange your phone. Samsung has also rolled out a software update that resets the maximum battery charge of the phone to 60%, to lower the risk of overheating. If you’ve got a Note 7, you can take it back to the retailer you purchased it from for a full exchange.

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