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Google is acquiring Lytro

Lytro, an imaging start up that specialises in light-field technology

It is reliably learnt that Google is acquiring Lytro, an imaging start up that specialises in light-field technology.  Lytro had a humble beginning at Stanford University in 2011 by introducing the concept of’ a living photo which can be adjusted on the photographer and viewer alike

In 2011 with its then-unprecedented “light field” technology that powered an oddly-shaped camera with the ability to refocus pictures after they’re taken. The first camera with a price tag of $400 camera arrived in 2012.

Since then the pro version is introduced to be compatible with virtual reality (where its technology creates photographs and videos that you can move around into experience from different angles) and pro cameras.

Google is buying out Lytro for about $40 million- could be plus or minus. This would further augment Google’s ambition to be on top of the digital imagining scenario. Lytro, the imaging start up began as a ground-breaking camera company for consumers before pivoting to use its depth-data, light-field technology in VR. As luck would not have it, Google is not bringing all employees into its fold. Few of the employees already left the company.

Lycro holds 59 patents globally in digital imaging technology.

Strangely Lytro recently acquired a company Limitless, to expand its work in VR for games. Google’s move is underlining its emphasis is in VR.

It has also been doubling down on a full spectrum of technologies and products related to how we see digital images today and in the future. That has included a plethora of work and acquisitions around computer vision technologies; how images are stored, manipulated and displayed; and how they are captured.

Lytro changes the two-dimensional picture to three-dimensional since the depth and perspectives you can get when looking at the picture is optimised for immersive viewing experiences.

Light field technology is gaining momentum in virtual reality. Google is strengthening in their ambition to take on Facebook (with its upcoming Oculus Go mass-market VR device), Magic Leap and all the rest.

Resource URL : https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/20/sources-google-is-buying-lytro-for-about-40m/

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