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Google Lens updated with smart text selection and real-time lookup

The people’s Lens cameras introduced by Google for the Android phones are drawing attention from all quarters. The added features announced by Google and appearing in many Smartphones as per I/O 2018 already are:

  • Smart text selection
  • Style match and
  • Real-time results

There is a redesign that rearranges Lens’ elements slightly,

There is a brand new menu marked “Tap on objects and text,” showing you what objects the camera can identify. The new features give you a way to quickly look up items in documents around you. With this remarkable feature you can simply point your camera at a menu, for instance, and tap on dish you don’t recognize to know more about it.

The virtual shopping feature is different from other AR shoppingexperiences. Whenever you point your camera at an object, Lens will put a blue dot overlay on top of it. This enables you to click to display similar items you can buy. Besides, real-time results overlay information on objects on the screen before you even press the shutter button.

OnePlus 6 already feature this. Soon it will to appear on Google Photo app’s Assistant yet google smart text selectionWhenever a user will point his device towards a document, some written information or even at the newspaper the Smart text selection will deliver additional information about it. It works only when the language is recognized by Google Lens app. Google’s Real-time lookup is very similar to Smart text selection but it works with the objects rather than the images. Using Real-time lookup you can point the camera in real time to any object, fashion accessory, and the Lens will show you additional details about it.

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