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KOTRA operates 5G tech pavilion at MWC 2018

At the WMC 2018 stall Kotra who showcased the 5th generation (5G) connectivity many eyebrows were raised. Not because the 5G is just on the launch pad but because of KOTRA is not that well known. South Korea has something to rejoice along with Samsung, LG etc.

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is represented by 23 local companies spanning from telecommunication equipment, Internet of Things, virtual reality and mobile security, according to KOTRA.

The product range Korea wanted to project is:

  • Contela long-range radio technology, one of the core elements of the 5G-based Internet of Things, Contela Inc.
  • Software Company Visual Camp is showing virtual reality head-mounted displays (VR HMD) that can be connected to a smartphone.
  • VR zone (utilised at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.)

The four-decade-old mobile technology is well taken up by the Korean entrepreneurs in the right Ernest. The South Korean government, along with KOTRA, is doing their part to continue to accelerate this new industrial revolution. Their attitude is reflected in their theme ‘Mobile meets intelligence,’

For the 5G technological trends show the various Conferences,  experts from some of the world’s leading experts from world’s leading telecommunications companies, including KT Corporation, Qualcomm, Never, Ericsson-LG and Sabre, among others were roped in.

4 G is out, and 5G technology is in. It can accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The 5G technology is going to change the landscape of the entire world economy. In 2035, the global 5G value chain is expected to generate USD 3.5 trillion in gross output and 22 million jobs.

“The global demand for smart factories, AI and IoT continues to increase by the day,” rightly said Kim Dooyoung, vice president of KOTRA’s strategic business division.  KOTRA is expected to continue to work closely with promising Korean ICT companies and match them with overseas business partners to further advance the mobile industry.

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