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The security of your gadget is at stake with your careless acts.

These are some of the ways you are putting your devices at risk, perhaps without even realizing it, and what you can do to stop it.

Some Latest Gadgets Technology News Which Spread Awareness about to Secure Gadgets

  • Illegally Watching TV and movies

Whenever you are streaming or downloading something illicitly, you’re putting your trust in whoever provides the material and the means of delivery. If content is being offered for free, ask yourself what’s funding the operation.

  • Sharing your accounts with other people

From your parents knowing your Netflix login details to your partner having access to your email account, sharing account details is commonplace. Besides the threat of getting booted off whatever service it is if the practice is frowned upon, you’re also making your accounts and devices more vulnerable in general.

  • Using short and predictable PIN codes and pattern unlock

Having any kind of lock on your device is much better than leaving it opens for anyone who walks past to use, but some locking mechanisms are more secure than others. Using a 4-digit PIN might mean less tapping for your fingers, but a 6-digit PIN means a brute force attack has 990,000 extra combinations to try.

  • Maintaining poor USB security

Viruses and other malware love installing themselves over USB sticks, running infectious code as soon as you plug the drive into your computer. That means you need to be very careful with any USB device that you haven’t just bought new and unpacked from sealed packaging.

Cloud sharing services also could be dangerous at times.

  • Leaving your webcam and mic exposed

Someone may be  spying on you through your computer’s webcam and microphone, but if those ports are blocked off with some tape, that kind of surveillance is going to be a lot harder to pull off.=

  • Obsolete software

There’s never a good time to install a software update, we all know that, but by putting off the latest upgrades you’re putting your gadgets at risk—keeping everything updated, from the operating system to your installed applications, is absolutely the best way of making sure that you stay safe.

Minor patches would not do.

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