Latest Tech News 2018 – Serverless computing

Serverless computing a new start up ecosystem in the offing

The serverless computing is not new, but it has reached found an interesting slot in its development. The serverless architecturestart-up ecosystem could begin to develop around it.

Serverless enables a developer to set event triggers and leave the infrastructure requirements completely to the cloud provider. The vendor delivers exactly the right amount of compute, storage and memory. Andfor a change the developer doesn’t even have to bother about it or code for it. =

That sounds ideal on its face, but as with every new technology, for each solution there is a set of new problems and those issues tend to represent openings for enterprising entrepreneurs.

Latest Tech News 2018 – The New Technology Offers Big Opportunities

The new technology offers big opportunities in the coming years for companies building security, tooling, libraries, APIs, monitoring and a whole host of tools serverless will likely require as it evolves.

In the physical servers, there was lots of wasted capacity. That led to the development of virtual machines, which enabled IT to take a single physical server and divide it into multiple virtual ones. While that was a huge breakthrough for its time, helped launch successful companies like VMware and paved the way for cloud computing, it was the only beginning.

All of the major vendors have launched serverless products with AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions all offering a similar approach. But it has the potential to be more than just another way to code. It could eventually shift the way we think about programming and its relation to the underlying infrastructure altogether.

Companies are already serverless computing to find new ways of solving problems. Cloud is the answer to many a present as well as future questions,


latest tech news 2018

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