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Mercedes’s Artificial Intelligence

The ‘Me Too ‘culture is catching up Mercedes too? Well yes, but not in the same sense as Hollywood but in the upbeat digital personal assistant segment. Mercedes introduced the new technology of AI using new MBUX user experience. With this augmented reality artificial intelligence Daimler Benz is entering the bandwagon with a redefined bang. This technological advancement is seen in

  • New multimedia system,
  • Digital vehicle keys,
  • Smart Vision EQ Fortwo,
  • Smart “Ready To” and
  • Virtual assistant “Ask Mercedes.”

The revolution is on.

The fully customisable and user-friendly Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) will feature the future A-Class. The GPS and Map display is also supported by augmented reality. While a video image of the car’s surroundings is taken with the front camera.  The image is augmented with information like street name, house number, and which direction you’re facing goes to the driver.

Digital Vehicle Key.

Either a phone with a Near Field Chip or Digital Car Key Sticker with a built-in microchip shall assist the driver to enter and drive without physically possessing a key. Did they take a cue from Tesla? Quite likely as both brands enable the mobile phone enabled key feature into their cars.

Urban mobility and car sharing

The innovative Smart Vision EQ Fortwo can improve on the future of urban mobility and car sharing. The Smart-Vision EQ Fortwo would pick up passengers directly from their chosen location of which is part of the larger Smart brand “Ready To” segment. The no wheel, no pedal culture in on.

“Ask Mercedes.”

“Ask Mercedes” is the new voice recognition app-based virtual assistant which can control your smartphone. Siri, Cortana, Google, Alexa, and other names are all together at your command at last.

Can one ask for more

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