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Motorola to join the competition with a foldable smartphone soon?

Motorola Foldable Smartphone

Motorola had applied for a patent early May 2018 for a foldable smartphone that means they are joining the band wagon of Apple, Huawei, Samsung, LG and possibly other smartphone manufacturers. The race is one, who will be the first o come out with a foldable phone and skim the market.

The once reigning king in mobile phones was Motorola along with Nokia. Now Motorola is all out to meet the giant on a head on collision path.

The leaked images and the patent could be interpreted on these ways.

  • The brand’s vision, showing a foldable smartphone those folds out into a tablet-like device.
  • The nomenclature of the patent is “Three parts foldable housing supporting multiple use positions in an electronic device”.
  • The phone is likely to have two phones- front camera and back camera. The one on the front left looks like a selfie cam.
  • The second camera on the top right is likely t a dual camera and, “this should allow for a stereo effect for the images to make 3D-like shots”.
  • There are two hinges placed in the top center and top bottom. This shows that the phone will fold along that axis, possibly even propped up like a tent. In theory that could mean a good viewing angle for watching TV on the phone.
  • Whether Motorola could meet the challenge poised by Samsung in releasing the foldable Phone early next year? Well that is a million Dollar question.
  • Foldable phones are going to be the ‘in’ thing

Motorola is also planning to add a cover to the device which will both protect it and act as a Wireless Charger. The case, however, will be removable and will have a vent for the camera.

motorola foldable phone

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