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Now you can sign in to most services without password-thanks to Google Chrome

Google Chrome 67 for Desktop

With Google Chrome 67 for desktop, which is very recently launched the password-free sign-ins for most websites is possible. There by   you can avoid hunting through a password manager for specific credentials.

The Password-free sign-ins come from the Web Authentication standard lets you sign in to any virtually any online service through unique credentials. These include as fingerprint readers, USB keys like YubiKeys etc. The standard is also meant to make it less likely a bad actor can obtain your most commonly used passwords. It is now easier to give each service different login credentials.

Even though Mozilla’s Firefox was the first to get the standard, Chrome and Microsoft Edge to adopt the standard bit later.

Google Chrome 67  for Desktop is having following features:

  • Increase its use of site isolation,
  • Keep each browser tab separate
  • Chrome will also be more compatible with VR through the Generic Sensor API,
  • More integrations between desktop and gadgets are expected.

Now a site can easily access data from other open tabs, which is a fix it initially rolled out to address Spectre-style attacks.

After rolling out to Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, version 67 of Chrome OS is now available. Notable features include a new “Touchable material 2.0” design for tablet devices and support for desktop Progressive Web Apps. There are also new APIs for creating VR experiences, ADB support, and the perfunctory security and bug fixes.

Google Chrome 67 for desktop


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