Samsung Galaxy S10 Updates 2018 – Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S9 did not sell as expected and that is not a secret. Now they are taking up Samsung Galaxy S10 with vengeance. Here are few things know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 to go ‘beyond anything Samsung’s done before’?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Updates 2018 – Advance Features Of Samsung Galaxy S10

Advanced3 D sensing camera, better good looks,  and an increased battery capacity areas expected, the code name is likely to be ‘ Beyond’ which is a clear deviation from Samsung’s convention. (The code name of S8 was Dream and that of S9 was). Samsung may shed the S brand to something new this time. It could even be a foldable phone.

The Infinity Display design, first seen in the Galaxy S8, is set to return again in the S10, though it’s possible that Samsung will have shrunk the bezels down again. The screen size could be 5.8 inches (6.3 inches for S10 Plus). There is no notch expected.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip.

Front-facing face recognition

Expected release Jan 2019

samsung galaxy s10 updates 2018

It claims the Galaxy S10 will include the in-display fingerprint reader (now widely expected to debut in the Galaxy Note 9) as well as a 3D facial scanner – Samsung’s answer to Face ID on the iPhone X. Meanwhile, the Galaxy X is expected to feature no less than three 3.5-inch OLED displays which can fold out to create a massive (almost tablet-sized) phone or fold down to leave a device far smaller than most current smartphones.

samsung galaxy s10 updates 2018

samsung galaxy s10 updates 2018

samsung mobile android updates

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