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Siri will read hidden lock screen notifications from third-party apps to anyone

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook showdown is the news on leakages of privacy data. But Apple is at it in a different level. While message and Apple’s apps are safer, but not Siri. Whether it is you or a third party having a locked iPhone or iPad, Siri will be prompt in read out loud the contents within.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, Apple’s Siri voice assistant will read out your lock screen notifications for apps even when you’ve turned off previews for the content inside them — and without making sure it’s you. However iMessages and SMS need unlocked iPhones to get those messages. But email apps, email apps, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and such 3rd party will open up for Siri and will shout notifications to who ever having the phone.

The beta versions of iOS 11.3 are more prone. The inconsistency could be due to

  • A bug
  • Odd design flaw or
  • API limitation that impacts third-party apps.

Even if lock screen previews are turned off Siri will still reading out the content in notifications aloud from third-party email and messaging apps is a serious affair which Apple seems to have over looked.

The iPhone X by default set to hide lock screen previews. Only after Face ID recognition takes place the flagship phone of Apple can be put into action. But the inherent weakness of Siri does open up something it is not supposed to. Commands like “Read my last email” and “Read my last note” are promptly and religiously done by the Siri especially for Gmail, Slack direct message and Facebook Messenger message to everyone in earshot etc. The ‘no home button’ USP is a boon or bane?

The famous “Hey Siri” is not required when the notification are to be opened. You are at risk unless and until Apple rectifies this flaw. Siri may say that you don’t have any new notifications but the threat is on. Better way would be to disable the Siri function at the locked position.

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