Surface Mobile coming soon from Microsoft?

The Windows 10 Mobile is the talk if the town now. Surface Mobile, a device is likely to be Microsoft’s next foray into mobile.

This is not just a handheld terminal but a portable work platform with

  • Perfect balance of performance and power consumption,
  • Added power to increase productivity,
  • New “ONTO TABLE” projection Continuum function,
  • Sustainability for more than an hour of desktop work;
  • 185 degrees, providing a comfortable experience;
  • Exclusive Surface Pen,
  • A key to call out OneNote, easy notes into.

The new Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia are the nomenclature expected. QUALCOMM snapdragon is likely to be the power source.  Microsoft is intent on revamping its mobile line with a new handset is plausible.

It will be and more of a portable, foldable PC, referred to as “Andromeda. “Andromeda is a pocket-focused device that appears to have versatile nature, somewhere between a

Basically, this means there was some very interesting code under the heading of Andromeda, which appeared to be specifically designed for a mobile platform Microsoft had not yet released.

The Andromeda looks like a clamshell phone that opens up into a mini keyboard. Something even larger than the Galaxy Note, but significantly smaller than the average tablet – so it may not technically be a phone at all.

The phone was previously referred to as the “Panos Phone” according to Windows Central’s sources. Microsoft did purchase a domain ‘’ recently.



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