The In-Glass Fingerprint Reader: Explained!

This time the pioneer in the high-end smartphones like iPhone, Samsung or Pixel cannot take the credit for the on-screen fingerprint scanner. The winner is Chines giant in smartphones, Vivo who developed the fingerprint scanner built into the display. Logically Apple and Samsung may follow suit.  

Space saver

Using the in-class fingerprint reader, the screen nor the back side would take away the precious space of the phone. You can initiate by pressing anywhere on the screen, and a bright blue light glows in a spider web pattern indication your ID is established.

OLED compliant

So no home button trend is underlined as the things to come. The fingerprint sensor is manufactured by Synaptics and put below lives the 6-inch OLED display of the Vivo smartphone. But the out of sight marvel works without a hitch.  

Working principle

As your fingertip touches the target, the sensor array turns on the display to light your finger. The image of your fingerprint transfers its way to an optical image sensor beneath the display. An AI processor is employed to recognise 300 different characteristics of your digit and compliance. This out of the box technology gadget made by Synaptics does not consume much power as well. This inclusion is bound to make the market standing of Vivo to a higher level.  

At last a reality

It took a couple of years from the rumour stage to reality. The Synaptics Clear ID in-display optical fingerprint sensor, also known as the FS9500, is positioned between the display glass and OLED panel. The clear ID can also be used to verify your identity to access your accounts or to authenticate payments.  The solid-state capacitive sensors take less than a second to unlock the phone. Maybe shortly, things would be faster and more fool-proof. The bezel-less displays are a clear advantage. This works only with OLED screens and not LCD screens.

The fight of Titans is on

The race is just started and let us cross our fingers to see the fierce completion ahead in the smartphone arena.  

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