Latest Tech News Smartphones – VIVO could be the game changer

New sensor tech from VIVO could be the game changer of face unlock

Vivo is out with the latest innovation in – a time-of-flight 3D scanner with 300,000 sensor points. Even though it is the very early stage of development, your phone is just straight-up going to be able to capture a 3D representation of your head.

Latest Tech News Smartphones – VIVO Could Be The Game Changer for Other Smartphones

The technique starts with a face-registering UI very similar to what you’d see with Face ID — place your head in a circle, turn it left then right, and you’re set. Then, after a bit of loading, you’re presented with a fully textured 3D model of your head that you can rotate at will. You can also strip the textures away to get a better sense of what the phone has actually captured.

Vivo claim that the scanner works from three meters away. You need to sit still as someone circled you with a tablet equipped with a camera array. To get similar results from a phone in front of your face with a much more streamlined UI is impressive.

The prototype device is pretty bulky. Vivo is exploring the possibility of putting this tech in a commercial phone soon. Secure face-based biometric authentication is the obvious use case for this technology. However it remains to be seen whether Vivo could ever cram it into a pop-up selfie camera. Mounting it on the back of a phone, however, could also have interesting potential for photography and augmented reality.

latest tech news smartphones

latest tech news smartphones

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