Technology Updates News 2018 – VoIP

VoIP -a better advanced Technology over Landlines

Technology Updates News 2018 about VoIP

There should be a solid reason or a couple of reasons why people are choosing this advanced technology VoIPover Internet protocol over Landline.

Essentially they can save at least $100 per month to make calls locally or internationally, all thanks to a changing phone technology- VoIP. Yes, Landline phone service is expensive pinching your pocket hundreds of dollars from your bank account. If your concern is security, you’re stuck paying the price–and that price is increasing every year for land line.

According to TIME Magazine, landline customers pay $100 to $200 per month. Strangely that is for only a few phone calls each week. And the bills of landlines are bound to escalate further in the days to come. Believe it or not, landlines phone technology is becoming obsolete and unmaintainable.

VoIP entered onto the phone arena in 1995 and since landline phone providers have been panicking. If people no longer pay for a landline phone, if there are other ways to make calls for less, traditional telephone companies are going to lose millions of dollars.

All you need to do a VoIP is your computer, laptop, or other smart device and absolutely no special software.

Setting up any VoIP service is a child’s play. Connect any VoIP service, like Skype or Vonage, via your internet. Within seconds, you’re able to call any friend, any family member. And you only have to pay a minimal fee if you call out of the United States.

Instead of paying per minute, you can purchase VoIP credits in bulk. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice call quality. As long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to chat as easily with someone in New York as you would someone in Mexico or Greece.

On the ultimate analysis you need to stop paying for landline phone service. And you can save hundreds of dollars each year by switching to VoIP, and you won’t miss a single call. By doing so, you are joining the bandwagon of one Million people

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