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New Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities from Microsoft

Latest Tech News Today - Xbox Adaptive Controller for Gamers

New Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities from Microsoft

latest tech news today

Latest Tech News Today

Microsoft is all out to win those customers they lost as well as to lure more into their addictive Xbox fold. They are trying to make gaming more accessible with its upcoming Xbox Adaptive Controller. With that you can plug in an array of peripherals that players with limited mobility can use more easily than a standard game pad.

The device consists of a large programmable buttons housed in a rectangular body that’s designed to be placed flat on a table and sits comfortably in a player’s lap. It can also be mounted on a wheelchair or desk. On the back, you have 19 3.5 mm jacks that map to all the inputs you’ll find on a standard controller.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Moreover, players can connect the external inputs of their choice from the spectrum of options available as per their requirements. External inputs can be connected via the series of audio jacks provided in the controller.

This is a wireless controller and can be charged using a normal USB Type C cable. An optional power supply is also provided to attach add-ons like quad sticks that are operated through the mouth by quadriplegic players.

The new Xbox Adaptive Controller features big and easily identifiable buttons, USB ports, an over sized directional stick for easy movement and 19 different ports for connecting various accessories for extending the facility of customization.

Xbox Adaptive

Players can expect an excellent 25-hours battery backup from the controller. One of the most impressive features of this controller is that every single feature that exists in a normal controller can be customized.

Microsoft’s new Xbox Adaptive controller is compatible with Windows 10. Priced at $99, the controller will be available through Microsoft’s Digital Stores by the end of this year.


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